Please order by 11 am for same day delivery. Studio is closed 06.08-20.08.24

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To order flowers or discuss an event or booking, contact me via the form below.


If you prefer a phone call, feel free to call using this number: 07872110463



To see more of my work and send me a direct message, you can find me on socials here @flowercandyuk

Delivery Locations

My work as a florist is centered around the greater Manchester area, I offer a bespoke delivery service for all my orders, meaning I can not serve beyond this location

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Here is what other have asked:

How far in advance do I need to order?

If you are wanting same day delivery flowers within the Manchester area, you need to order by 10am that day. If you are ordering funeral flowers, I would love as much notice as possible, but can arrange them within 3-4 days as needed. For large events I need a few weeks to order flowers and prepare your designs. Weddings - book your date as soon as you can, as my diary fills up quickly.

Do you deliver?

Yes, I offer delivery, and the cost of this will depend on the location. Flower Candy is based in Manchester and only delivers within this area. The more information you can provide, the better - It really helps to know when you’re going to be out, so I can deliver the flowers at a time that suits you. Deliveries take place between 10am -7pm each day.

What do you charge for delivery?

The cost of your delivery will depend on location - simply enter the address at checkout and the cost will be displayed. Delivery for wedding and funeral flowers will come in the quote.

Are the flowers fresh?

Yes. All the flowers I use are as fresh as I am able to source them. I do my utmost to use the freshest flowers available. Most flowers last between 5-7 days, with some flowers lasting longer depending on the type of flower used.

How do I care for my flowers once I have them?

There are a few things you can do to ensure your flowers stay looking as beautiful as possible, see below for care tips.
flowers next to the window

Find the right place

Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, draughts and fruit (it releases gases that make flowers fade)

watering flowers


Flowers don’t like drinking dirty water so remember to refresh your vase with lukewarm water every few days and add one sachet of flower food provided in the box with your flowers

trimming flowers


Cut your stems at an angle by at least 1cm every time you change the water, this will help the water flow into the stems more easily

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